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We are One
But we’re 
not the same
We get to 
carry each other
1 !~One~! 1

I die and return when friends die, to be with them, to not fear death, live on the bridge, for a time, so they go not alone, it's a dharma i feel towards them, a handheld goodbye for going well my friend, and for my journey later too, I'm planting seeds and roots on the other side. lose all regain, all is nothing, all is one with everything, nothing is outside of one, return cycle, repeat loop, shine dark, father mother, up down, never forgotten always again around, a round place or town, towards holier better constantly higher ground, and sound around all around, on a round thing in eternity, constantly, presently, foreverly

Death Who ?


Das Goravani


THAT”S ME IN 1980                     age 20 cuttn college
to work for god

God, Sex, Love, Man, Woman, Yin Yang Yahweh, Penis and Vagina, Ovaries and Testes, two Triangles meet, and create life, and form the zodiac, twelve houses, our time system, the control system over our entire world, is based, in fact, on SEX between God and Goddess, our parents, having babies, us.

Music’s Main popular beats match the good houses in astrology. There is a one ness amongst all things that is god’s way, energies, sciences, and surround and control all manifestation.

I discovered this myself, this information and artwork, and idea, are copyright by Das Goravani © 1990

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On May 18th 1980, it was my birthday and that of the Pope then, John Paul II.  On that morning, I was flying into San Francisco, from Hong Kong, on Singapore Airlines.  I prayed, that I might be a spiritual leader one day, as i was only 20 then.. and then suddenly.. BOOM, up went Mt. St. Helen’s, right before my eyes out the window of the jet.. as a confirmation, I feel personally.












just to show you

the history of the software

Goravani Jyotish

which proves gods rule

over all that be. is my business site for Jyotish Software

On Christmas Day, December 25th, 2010, the miracle of alignment with the universe happened for me, as the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, aligned with my own, at 1:08 PM local time where I was, Hollywood California, on Beachwood Drive, the street the Hollywood Sign is on itself.  I lived there, sat on the roof during my personal alignment, which is a miracle, that can only happen to my chart, marking me, as a spiritual teacher, for all.

I have many Muslim Friends, I am Islam Compatible if Islam is Compatible

©Copyright by Das Goravani 2012 All Rights Reserved

©Copyright by Das Goravani 2012 All Rights Reserved


The Vedic Zodiac-Original Artwork by Das Goravani © Copyright 2012

The Vedic Zodiac-Original Artwork by Das Goravani © Copyright 2012