The Goravani Theory


© Das Goravani 2012. 

The Goravani Theory is © and ™ by Das Goravani 2012 all rights reserved

The Goravani Theory: 

All energy is from the central source and contains the codes of behaving as the central source.

The toss of energy into this sphere we call space occurred, and ever since then, it's been spinning in fractal and related ways to the original toss combined with the inbuilt laws in each particle of central sourced or 'divine' energy or atoms. They react according to divine laws only always.

Everything has gravity, and thus the largest objects pull the most, and all smaller objects are subject, including minerals and water in the human body, totally subject to planetary gravity.

The planets orbits all 'perturb' each other, this is scientific or fact to astronomers and NASA, the perturbations of the planets on each's orbits. 

Once that is fully understood and clearly grasped in the mind, it is not hard to see that the sweeping and ever slighting changing gravity combinations affect each person and thing variously depending on their makeup which is from when they were built under the same forces.. some will lean left, when others lean right, under the same transits, because it is their unique brain and it's unique mineral/water makeup that reacts to the pulls, thus, two people, are DESTINED to get into a marriage, or car crash, even every chip of paint that falls off a rusty car, is RIGHT ON TIME perfectly.. and yes, it is set, what you will eat, in two weeks, at lunch, as well as all you will ever think.

This is physics fully seen in daylight clear, and it is also clearly obviously one with the concept that we are all one, yet diverse, in a oneness, that is part of god, and it only makes sense thereafter, that this divine energy takes us the witnessing souls to higher and higher levels of development.

This Law is Pure Unadulterated Divine Determinism.

It was found with Jyotish, Hindu Astrology, and by looking at life, and reading all scriptures I could.  Mainly, it is obvious from physics, astronomy, of which I know enough, to see this clearly, and to see it proven to me by jyotish, was the clincher. 

Gravity, subtle, from all the planets, creates your thoughts by pulling molecules this way and that as the planets move, making connections on microscopic levels in the brain, and all matter is being pulled like this, ultimately, it shakes everything to dust. 

I would not be surprised if all is eaten by black holes until there is only one large one, then it explodes, and that is the big bang, it all starts over, on our level, with our eyes and understanding, but there is a higher way of seeing it, and that is, that this is how the divine births new souls into the highest plain of pure enjoyment, slowly, the hard way, by training, in lives that end, in a world that ends, before introduction to the world and lives that never end. 

© Das Goravani 2012. 

The Goravani Law and The Goravani Theory are © and ™ by Das Goravani 2012 all rights reserved


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I spent my life collecting these answers from all over the world, scriptures, scholars, archaeology, history, Guru’s, Discipleship, I did everything I had to do to chase down these answers to life’s big questions. 

We are souls who do nothing but witness a bodies life.

The entire life is set by the laws of physics, even your thoughts, are controlled by the laws of physics.

All of creation, points to a sexual loving couplet, and so God is a Couple.  God and Goddess.

The entire material creation is temporary, so it’s purpose, is temporary, not eternal.

There must then be another place, which is eternal, and the divine couple are there.

From there, they emanate spiritual planets and souls, but they must be made to be independent thinking, or playing with them would be robotic.

To make the new souls independent thinking, they must go through a formation period, much like the embryo in the womb, inside a material creation like this one.   It appears that the souls reincarnate a number of times, then achieve liberation from this place to the eternal side.

Without God as a Belief Central to your life, you will be led instead by your mind and senses, which are selfish unto you alone, and this is how the world currently operates, nearly everyone, is selfish, and thus, there is competition, struggle and wars, far beyond what would be if everyone were of a different mind.

Those who believe in God, fully, do not seek to kill, control, manipulate, profit, from their brethren, rather, they seek a peaceful coexistence.  Those who are under the material illusion due to not seeing God constantly everywhere, do awful things to their fellow humans in the name of trade and other ways such as forcing, compelling, coersing, etc., for their greed alone, and in finality, they bomb and kill, for greed, tor this temporary life.

Nobody can prove or disprove God to the doubting faithless unseeing mind of a naturally atheistic human.  They will never see God, some people. They will ever think religion or any belief in the divine to be nonsense.

Similarly, those of us with faith in God to the point of calling it Knowledge About God, think that the faithless are hopelessly lost in nonsense.

The faithful, cannot live without other faithful.  The company of the faithless never feeds the faithful.  Company of other devotees of God alone feeds those who are devotees of God.  Therefore, devotees of God, always do, and should seek to, live close together in actual, not virtual, living arrangements, such as, gathering in particular neighborhoods in major cities, same apartment buildings, houses in the same rural area, etc.

Devotees of God, wish to always remember God, all times of the day. This is because, their joy is derived from there.  They do not derive joy, nearly as much, in things of the earth and our societies, as the faithless do, who’s entire minds are here alone.  We devotees, our minds are split between this life and the afterlife.  We have a serious attitude about seeking liberation, or at least, we prefer to be “in good with god” by being “Spiritual”.

Spiritual means, that thing, that only humans can do.  That is, they can abstractly think, about their lives, and actually change their behaviors, based on beliefs, rather than things they see.  I for example, believe much more in what I DONT SEE than what i do see with my material eyeballs.

I know, my eyes cannot see infra red, but it exists.  Gravity exists, and I cannot see it.   But it works.  Similarly, God is real, but we cannot see him, yet. 

That which is known as Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, Hindu Astrology, actually works, in that it can generally describe the path of the life of a person ahead of time, and be quite accurate.  Similarly, using computers, lists can be quickly generated of thousands of persons with the same thing true in their life, and sure enough, they will have the same placements required for that in their astrological charts.  I have written this software, used it, done this myself, seen it for myself, thus I am an unwavering advocate of full determinism, for I have seen how it also drives everyone’s thoughts.  I watched many charts of persons known to me for years, as their and my lives unfolded and ALL were following their charts ALWAYS... just like gravity...which is what drives astrology.

The planets DO put gravity upon the earth, ESPECIALLY the MOON.... which churns our oceans AND the water inside our bodies.   Wherever the moon is, all persons water inside their bodies is pointing in that direction, we all become slightly egg shaped in it’s direction, this affects our emotions tremendously, all our thoughts, and actions.

Then, the other planets... since they are known to PERTURB the moon, they therefore play into the dance of minerals and water inside your brain and all embryos forming in water alike.. even hard earth, is pulled upon by the moon as it travels, and it’s effects on the Earth include EVERYTHING all the way up to earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, because, it more than any other thing PULLS on the crust off the earth and actually somewhat massages the mass of the earth in an oblong way... as the two orbit not the earths center but a baricentre two thirds from center towards edge of earth... due alone to PHYSICS of their sizes and mass and gravity... but the point is, that the Earth AND YOU are being PULLED ON all the time by planets that have repeating patterns of orbits which are fixed, thus prediction is possible, since sages have since sumeria built a library of how to read the effects... made by watching humans... thus for thousands of years have astrologers calculated, and watched humans, and surely, we astrologers KNOW that THIS STUFF WORKS

In the Latin language, the word we use “Consider”, was Con Sidere, which means plainly, “Check your chart” or “Add your chart”... thus, if someone was planning something, their friend might say “Considere!” to them, to remind them to check to see if their karma, allotment, gods plan, included this thing.  In fact, the plan is infallible, and even includes whether you will read charts or not, and what you will read, and what you will do.

So learning astrology does not set you free from Gods full control, AT ALL.

I only PROVES that God is in full control, to whomsoever studies it rightly and fully. It helps with faith. That’s it’s main purpose.

Nobobdy, can ever, outwit, change, or run from, God’s Plan.  There is no point in thinking you can.

Faith in God, is Sanity.  Lack of Faith in God is Insanity.  Anywhere inbetween is insanity to some degree.   You see, it is insane for a living being inside a galactic like us, dependent upon it in all ways, we come from it and our bodies return to it, it is insane for us to think, that this has no cause, no purpose, and no conclusion, that it is all for nothing, and it is only a large chemical energy reaction that came from nothing for no purpose.  That mindset, inside the faithless, creates both stupidity and hopelessness, the ingrediants for war, abusing others, ruining the planet, all of which, is what is going on today.

Whereas, the mentality that THERE IS a god, therefore, THERE IS a purpose to this creation, and AN OUTCOME, and the LIVING BEINGS NEVER DIE... they are ETERNAL.. not doomed, this POSITIVE outlook on life MAKES MORE SENSE as well as leading to PEACE not WAR, to PLENTY not starvation, and to COOPERATION not competition.

It is FAR BETTER FOR HUMANS to believe in God than NOT.

Currently, we have LIES everywhere.   Like it’s a LIE that the president is Christian, ALWAYS, for he ALWAYS goes ahead and KILLS MANY HUMANS for the sake of americas business and selfish interests.   It’s a LIE that Karzai is a Muslim, for he is involved in bad things Muslims do not do.   it’s a LIE that the royal family of Britain are Christians, for they Hold Down Ireland, which certainly is MORE christian they Britain, by far.

So there are many many lies these days.  In fact, nearly everything is a lie.  For example, advertising and TV would have you believe that some people have wonderfully happy lives.  Do you know any ?

It would have you believe that beauty is the key to happiness.. do really sexy woman seam happy ?

Do wealthy people have happiness more than others ?   Actually NO they DONT.   They have much more ANXIETY than most people.

The english language is made in such a way as to create lies automatically, for it refers to everything in the posessive when actually we own nothing.  Irish says “I have some Irish”... in english, you say I Speak English.  Even if they fully know Irish, they never say that, they would say, I have Irish, or, I have a car, never, i own a car, because you don’t.. ever.. it could outlive you, so how can you own it ?

How can a human, OWN land ?   Who says it’s HIS?  for how long ?   It’s ridiculous. 

The language comes from Latin and other affected by latin cultures wherein selfishness was believed in fully.  Acquisition of gold, land, money, goods, has been the AIM OF LIFE for men since Rome across Europe.  It continues in America to this day, everyone is pre occupied constantly with upgrading and maintaining their material comforts alone. 

They do not have a creed, a religion, or faith, they only have desires.  The TV only teaches desiring, and makes kids become desireful.  Everyone is very desireful in America, but their minds are empty of solid spiritual knowledge.

What I saw in Astrology, is Solid Spiritual Knowledge.  What I found in the Bhagavad Gita, also. Same with my real teachers.  Solid spiritual knowledge does exist, but so few seek it, and therefore, so few are masters of it, so the whole subject remains small, dinky, tiny, in America, land of materialism at my time of living and writing this.

Whereas, in poor places, where there is no travel, and lot’s of hard work, such as in Bengal where I’ve lived, there, you find people have need of god, to fill their minds with some hope and joy and reason to go on.  It’s hard there, compared to here, materially, but once you get used to enjoying the taste of being a servant of god, it’s easy to live there.

We are homeo static conditionalizeable beings... us humans... that means we adapt and stay put.. we tend to copy those around us as well

we can however, move, and re condition

we can thus, change

for example, I went from a meat eat to vegetarian, at the same time, from getting up from bed at 8 to 4 AM, and continued so, for decades thereafter... I changed, based on Abstract Religious Knowledge whcih you can only LEARN you cannot SEE IT STORED anywhere... like MATH and PHYSICS religion is a FIXED SCIENCE that is IN THE AIR... so to speak... you cannot touch it.. it can only be thought and felt inside

When you allow your intelligence to overcome your mind, and command it to do some service for God, which could just be your daily work that you avoid, when you do this, you instantly FEEL a burst of HAPPINESS because deep inside you YOU HOPE THAT THERE IS A GOD AND HEAVEN

Oh yes you do.  You hope there is a happy ending, for YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS AN ENDING but you are not sure if it’s happy...    WELL IT IS

But WHEN do you wanna go there ?  Actually God alone controls that, but for our part, in our illusory free will, the way to think of this is this:    IF YOU CAN THEN GO FOR IT !    GO FOR being as best a devotee of God as you can be.  Setbacks are for sure, but YOUR WILL is what you can FEEL that YOU ARE INTENSIFYING BY YOUR WILL.. you can feel inside if you are doing it or not... and you will feel either HAPPY that you DID IT or SAD that you did NOT.   

Non devotees, who have no clue about real knowledge large and completel, who only see your face, and hear you, but cannot picture anything as big as god or the universe, who only care about the now and their own world, who believe they are their bodies, they will NEVER feel bad about anything related to God, for they DONT CARE for they are made too dumb by him to have faith in him. They will repeat, they are in lives of basic lessons, they are in lower grades than the faithful, they will rise up by HIS PLAN as he unfolds it.  Not your business.

You are your business.  How much YOU think of God and STAY ON a path of serving him with all your energy, mind, intelligence, body, words, everything.   The more you can align with serving God, the more you will feel good.

Everyone is made unique, and yet share similarities. One unique thing one can possess, that I do possess in me by his will, is the need to teach this to others.  I have and feel that need, so I do it.  With that, comes a negative, that I feel AWFUL if I am not doing it and even worse if I am ignored, left alone, not cared about, and so on.  These attributes cause me to do what I do, which has a positive effect for many.

But for me, to carry THIS mind that I have been given HURTS.  It hurts, to constantly be stressed about preaching better and more.  But that’s MY LOT and each one has their own. Without any rub, there would be NO reason to make progress.  HOMEOSTATIC... we stay with and where we are.  That’s NOT progress.  PROGRESS is making ourselves Larger or Better in some way.

The ONLY sensible way to IMPROVE is in SPIRITUALITY for everything else you lose.

The ONLY THING You take with you at the MOMENT OF DEATH is your FAITH

I teach people how to know, love, see, understand, this creation, god, how life works, actually.. and how to live, by this, how to not live, what works for mankind, one person, or a group.  In short, I am surrendered to the TRUTH whereas almost all other humans have some personal agenda to fulfill and that is called their ego’s desires and I just don’t have those anymore.  I used to, but I burnt them all out by doing them all to the point where I could see that material interaction between humans is ugly and disgusting to a devotee, since they see, the soul, their eternal sibling, there in the human before them, and they cannot lie to, cheat, steal from, coerce, enslave, that soul, no way.. they can only SERVE IT... .

In love of God.  The Golden Rule, Springs Forth Automatically, when people are God Conscious.

If you think you are this body, then you are going to act like a body, which is a danger to all other bodies around it... law of the jungle... you see people yelling at each other in traffic, that’s law of the jungle, barking and fearing.

Humans, CAN THINK, and ascend to a higher plane.  IF GOD has put that into them.  If it is HIS WILL, then you will COME TO ME or to some other saintly person for more nectar, instructions, help, on your path to God.  It is natural.  We devotees seek each other.

Of all scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita is the best, but only some of it’s verses are key.

The Words of Christ echo it.

Most people, from the Queen of England on Down to nobody in Louisiana, gives hardly any time to actually studying these subjects.  If you are interested, you are special.   And likely near to going home, to eternity, to God and Goddess. 

What I have written here, is SANITY.   What is taught other than this is insanity.  If it aligns, that is fine, but if it opposes, then, you’re insane, for you choose oblivion and meaninglessness over bliss and eternity.

Das Goravani, June 5th, 4:42 PM