Providing Business Database Solutions that place your data on the Web, Fast. Both fast data movement and fast development of your custom database solution.

I can provide desktop solutions that work in your office. Windows, Menus, Reports, PDF's, that do what your business needs done. Then further, I can provide web pages, that serve what your business needs for those on your team who need to work remotely at times.

You can have a mixed solution.. part desktop and part web. I can offer the latest solutions for all your odd needs like file uploading and downloading, PDF's, Rest, connection to API's, your data in SQL, translation, security, backups, and what have you.

Goravani Consulting is a complete solution provider. I work with the following technologies: Mac, Windows, PostgreSQL, Debian Linux, Apache, JSON, Javascript, Omnis, Email and more.

This website is hosted on a Debian Linux virtual server. That means that I rent the server from an online company. The server is accessed by me online. It is not in my office, it is remote, existing on a server in New York City far from me. The demo pages accessed by the button below are a part of this website.

This website proves that I can setup a VPS, a Virtual Private Server, on Debian Linux operating system and that I can place a website, host a website, on that server. The demo pages prove that I can make various tools, interface objects, and business needs in general, on such a server, that you can access from anywhere.

In fact I can make business solutions that can be accessed from iPads, SmartPhones, Laptops, Desktops, on the go or in the office. The fact that I made the below demo pages full size for a 21 inch monitor does not mean I cannot make them smaller. In fact I can make them fit on the smallest phone if need be. It's a matter of knowing what your target is. A business will typically have certain devices they are going to access their pages with.. typically iPads, other pads, laptops, desktops. If I know my target size I can make the pages that size.

Bottom line, this website proves that I can make online business database solutions.

Email me to discuss your requirements: [email protected]

The demo pages require that you have a 1600 pixel wide monitor or more. If you open it on less it will appear jumbled. If you then make your viewing window size larger than 1600 everything will jump into proper place. The demo pages were made to fit, for example, a MacBook Pro 15 inch monitor. They work on 21 inch monitors as well. A full sized laptop will show the pages if you make the browser the full width of the monitor. Close any reading lists, bookmarks pane, or such things that take up some of the width of your browser window. If you do, then the forms will magically show correctly. The reason I made such large pages is that business uses it all, on 21 inch monitors, very usually, so I wanted to show that I can indeed make full screen pages. On these demo pages, there are navigation buttons. Please click "Next Demo Screen" and such buttons to move through the pages. There are 4 pages total.